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Portrait number 10 

In this video, I share my process of creating an oil on canva portrait. I start with preparatory drawing and apply intense initial colors with strong contrasts, focusing on transitions. I use multiple brushes in my left hand for seamless blending and overlap brushstrokes for cohesion. Building a rich color foundation in the first coat is key. The video showcases progress from the ear to facial transitions, achieving luminosity and contrasts. The final painting evolves through sessions with a diverse palette and glazing techniques.

charcoal-on-paper piece

In this video, I present my work on a charcoal-on-paper piece measuring 47″ x 59″. I demonstrate the early stages of the drawing process, focusing on achieving balanced shading by using tools like electric razors, various pencils, and blending with my fingers. I discuss the application of water and glue to protect the drawing and introduce a new technique of adding charcoal to water for richer darks. Throughout the process, I emphasize the importance of blending and defining elements to create a cohesive composition. The video concludes with the final touches on the hair, where I melt together dark and light areas using water.

First coat of color

In this video, I share changes in my painting process. Firstly, I now work on high-quality plywood instead of MDF board. Secondly, I use significantly less oil in my work, applying a small amount directly to the palette and soft brushes for application. Thirdly, I’ve altered my approach to the initial coat of color, aiming for greater accuracy, detail, and a balanced range of colors. I build a solid and opaque base during this stage without using medium or turpentine. I continue to refine and enrich this base by repeatedly applying new colors, creating a harmonious and rich first image in the painting. This method allows for creative possibilities as color mixes on the canvas.

Palette and colors

In this video, I showcase the current state of my painting and focus on how to prepare the palette with specific colors for this stage of the artwork. I discuss the range of colors I’ll be using, such as royal blue, compound green, violet, transparent oxide brown, carmine, magenta, and various blues. I demonstrate the mixing of colors to create different tones, from skin tones to hair and other elements. The video highlights how I work on different parts of the painting simultaneously, gradually deepening and enriching the colors while maintaining an overall perspective. The approach involves a well-organized palette and an emphasis on the entire composition’s development.

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I love your techniques, the stories you convey, and your talent for drawing which has helped me a lot due to the top-notch level of your paintings. Thank you for your excellent videos.
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Video Portrait Number 10