I create as a way to interpret and reflect on my reality. Each work has a story, one of the many I see during the work of layering paints and by analyzing textures, shades, and lights. I strive to create an aura surrounding the painting which opens the doors and allows the viewer to be taken in.

My artwork represents figures, faces, or places that are captured to suggest possibilities – stories behind the surface. Water, playing a prominent role, offers the subject the unique gift of privacy and introspection.  

Through my work, I hope to capture your attention and then invite you to imagine and interpret what is going on and create your own personal narrative within the artwork. 




My aim is to evoke moments of contemplation, inviting you to delve into the painting’s narrative and formulate your own distinctive interpretations.

Fernando-graphite-and-charcoal-on-paper-glued-to-board-38x46cm- 2007-2017-Jaime-Valero-visual-artist


I use a combination of pencil, charcoal, graphite, and a unique blend of water and glue to craft intricate compositions, layer by layer, fostering rich textures and a profound sense of depth.

2 books with fountain


Explore a world of creativity in our shop – featuring my retrospective book. Coming soon original artworks, custom commissions, prints… 

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Retrospective book

I am thrilled to announce the release of my debut book, which showcases a retrospective of all my works.

The book comes in a hardcover format and spans 144 pages, with text in both English and Spanish.

If you’re interested, I would be happy to sign or dedicate the book to you. Simply send over your details.

More details in my Shop page.

Original Paintings

Latest Collection

Portrait #16_Oil on Canvas_150x120cm_2022_Jaime _Valero_Visual_Artist

Portrait Nº16

Oil on canvas

Portrait #18_Graphite and Charcoal on Paper Glued to Board_ 150x120cm_Jaime_Valero_Visual_Artist

Portrait Nº18

Graphite and Carbon

Portrait #14_Oil on Canvas_150x120cm_2022_Jaime_Valero_Visual_Artist

Portrait Nº14

Oil on canvas

Diptych_Graphite and charcoal glued to board_135x250cm_2022_Jaime_Valero_Visual_Artist

Diptych Nº1

Graphite and Carbon


Portrait Nº15

Oil on canvas

Fernando-graphite-and-charcoal-on-paper-glued-to-board-38x46cm- 2007-2017-Jaime-Valero-visual-artist


Graphite on paper glued on board

Nude #1-Oil-on-canvas-80x150cm-2021-Jaime-Valero-Visual-Artist

Nude Nº1

Oil on canvas


Portrait Nº10

Oil on canvas


Portrait Nº12

Graphite and Carbon


In the shower

Graphite on paper glued on board

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Painting is my means of self-expression and is a skill I have been trying to master for the last 25 years.

instruction and experience



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